Nashville Electric Company

October 20, 2018 - 9:00 pm


THE Country Party Band; Fun Times, Country Music and Country Attitude.

Remember the first time?

Dancing, smiling, jumping around and having the time of your life…..the day and times that inspired you to love country music.

“You guys have brought back so many memories” (Owner: Liquid Therapy)

“You keep thinking they can’t top the song they’re playing, then BAM, it just keeps going up another level all night long” (Owner: Cruzens)

“I have never seen a band so engaging with the audience” (Owner: GippersII)

Nashville Electric Company IS the energy that creates memories and recaptures the past as well as the youthful spirit of country music.

Nashville Electric Company delivers unlike any country band you have experienced. 5 live musicians performing a heart pounding, smile causing and memory inspiring event at every performance.

Whether it’s dancing, singing along, jumping or raising your hands in the air, Nashville Electric Company delivers the energy you are looking for